About Us

Why HazRisk ?

HRS is a professional consulting firm offering personalised and specialised liability risk management products and services to the insurance industry, assessor’s fraternity and their clients. Our consultants have worked in all facets of risk management, as Hazchem Managers, Risk Managers, Consultants, Investigators, Expert Witnesses and Environmental / Pollution Underwriters.

We specialise in our industry, consulting to clients, who demand the management of their risks and liabilities. Our principal focus is risk surveys and site assessments however HRS also manages client incident process management and cost control. HRS consults and refers clients to best specialists in the industry, reputable in their respective markets. We train and assist our clients with risk & service audits of their respective operations.

Our client base includes a variety of industries including: petroleum/petrochemical, insurance, agricultural, governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as other consulting companies.

HRS strives to provide our customers with a cost-effective service, using accepted methods that ensure professional quality and peace-of-mind. We understand both our client’s needs and the requirements of the authorities.

Insurance companies are becoming more technical and responsible with their underwriting and spending more time analysing their risks involved in Hazchem contracts as well as chemical related emergencies.

Our philosophy is to provide quality products and professional services to assist you to meet your LEGAL, MORAL, ENVIRONMENTAL and FINANCIAL obligations using practical and cost effective means. HRS is fully committed to the application of proven risk management principles in the prevention and reduction of environmental liability losses and associated business interruption.